Recipe Formulation, Therapeutic Conditions

Recipe Formulation, Therapeutic Conditions

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Cooked Recipe or Raw Food Recipe: This is for dogs with certain conditions who need a fresh food diet to help boost the immune system and overall health. This includes a recipe formulated to fit your dog’s specific needs based on NRC standards.

Conditions I will work with currently are malnourished rescue dogs, some cancer conditions, orthopedic post-surgery recovery diets. Please inquire about other conditions your dog might have that are not listed by emailing me at I have a list of nutrition colleagues who I can refer you to if I cannot take on your case

These recipes are not meant to cure, treat, or diagnose your dog in any way.

Once you purchase the service you’ll be contacted so I can learn more about your dog via a detailed online questionnaire. I will go over the questionnaire in detail and reach out to you with any additional questions I have so I can formulate the best recipe for your dog!

  • The recipe will include information on where to buy any supplements needed to balance the diet or for added wellness benefits. I cannot guarantee access to certain ingredients though I try my hardest. 
  • You will receive a shopping list and a transition plan
  • You will receive a 1-day recipe, 2 weeks and 4 weeks batch recipes with instructions for preparation
  • You also receive two (2) email correspondences AFTER the document containing all final recipe information is received via email. Additional emails or a phone call can be purchased for $30 per 30 minutes of time.
  • Full payment is required to sign up. The client has 48 hours to request a refund. After 48 hours no refunds are issued.
  • Recipes are formulated based on the Nutrient Requirements for Dogs & Cats (NRC), not prey model, BARF or ratio models
  • Upon purchase of any service, you agree to the following terms outlined here: