Clear Quartz Tower 1-1.5

Clear Quartz Tower 1-1.5" with Phantoms

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Clear Quartz is a highly cherished gemstone that amplifies positive energy, especially when used for meditation purposes. These towers all vary in shape and size but are about one to one and a half inches tall. The towers also have some phantoms which are a crystal or mineral deposit within the quartz crystal. The color and shapes of phantoms vary from crystal to crystal and make them extremely unique and precious to their owner.

These gemstones originated from Brazil and are A grade meaning they are clear, translucent and have some inclusions as well. In gemology, an inclusion is a characteristic enclosed within a gemstone and could be another gem formation.

When you purchase the tower you most connect with, it will be sent with a short meditation for you to do with your dog and instructions on how to use the crystal to amplify your meditation practice with your dog. Stress is a constant factor in the lives of humans that translates directly to our dogs. When you relieve your own stress with your dog in mind, they can truly feel it and it makes a difference. Meditating together is a precious activity!

Please keep gemstones out of reach of your pets when not in use by a human.