Add-Ons Therapeutic Bodywork + Massage Session

Add-Ons Therapeutic Bodywork + Massage Session

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For existing clients who have already had a New Client Session!

Therapeutic Bodywork and Clinical Massage for your dog is not a luxury, it's targeted touch therapy manipulating muscles specifically to support or alleviate a painful condition, strengthen the dog's body, provide relief from inflammation and so much more. When people hear the words 'Canine Massage' they often say, "I don't get massages, why should my dog?" Bodywork and massage for dogs are MUCH different than human spa massages. This modality gives your dog immense health benefits and is not invasive. Whether you are seeking proactive therapy for your dog, maintenance care/sports massage for an adult dog or palliative care for an aging dog – the advantages of this therapy are extensive!

Sessions take place at the client's home. 

Benefits of the Canine Massage & Bodywork Techniques (not an exhaustive list!)

  • Reduces pain and discomfort from inflammation, stiffness and/or muscle spasms
  • Assists your dog’s natural lymphatic system increasing the ability to move toxins out of the body
  • Increases circulation, flexibility, and overall range of motion
  • Improves muscle tone and body alignment
  • Stimulates and enhances the immune system
  • Can reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm
  • Improves athleticism
  • Allows senior or geriatric dogs the ability to exercise safely
  • Assists in providing relief from joint dysfunction and arthritis
  • Promotes longevity and slows degenerative processes
  • Pairs well with rehabilitation or physical therapy allowing for further decrease in inflammation

Please Note: 

  • Travel fees may apply if the distance to the client is well outside the service areas of Barrington, Deer Park, Lake Zurich, Kildeer, Long Grove, Wauconda, Palatine
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