Have questions? You're in the right place!Ā 

    • With so many aromatherapy companies to choose from, why should I purchase essential oils from you?
      • My essential oil products are specifically formulated to beĀ safely used with dogs and horses. As a certified Animal Aromatherapist, I am an advocate for the safe use of essential oils with animals which means I only use oils that have been proven safe around them, and not for internal use. I am in agreement with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and The International Federation of Aromatherapists as they advise against using essential oils internally for humans and animals.Ā Additionally, all my products come with information on the proper ways to use essential oils with animals.Ā Ā 
    • Where do you source your essential oils from?
      • ļ»æļ»æAll essential oils are sourced from sustainable suppliers that have the highest standards of purity and quality in mind. While there is no governing body to grade essential oil quality you canĀ see the purity of oils by looking at the GC/MS reports, knowing where and how the oil is grown, harvested, and produced. How the plant is harvested isĀ a major factorĀ and many of the oils I use are indeed organic. If you'd like to see any GC/MS reports on a specific oil I am using do not hesitate to email me and ask for a copy -Ā hello@holisticpetwellness.co
    • Do you use these essential oils with your own dogs?
      • I sure do! They're the only ones I use with my animals, shelter dogs I work with, and in-person clients. In fact, my personal dogs are my best product developers and testers. Jayne loves the Detox oil, Hudson and Izzy enjoy Fearless, and Mylah enjoys Uplift. As more blends and products are developed I am sure they will prefer other blendsĀ as well.Ā 
    • Are some essential oils toxic to dogs and horses?
      • Yes and even some are toxic to humans! As a credentialed Animal Aromatherapist through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy my #1 priority is the safe use of essential oils. I do not advocate for internal use and every blend I sell comes with very specific instructions on how to use the blend safely.Ā 
    • My friend or veterinarian told me to only use Young Living or DoTerra brand essential oils - why shouldn't I just use those brands?
      • Ultimately, you can use whatever brand you'd like! When I first started my aromatherapy journey many years ago I was introduced to Young Living and DoTerra. I didn't have an affinity for either but did use some of their oils. After going through my training and certification my worldview of the essential oil industry was blown wide open, in a great way! I have such a better understanding of essential oils and that's why I personally choose not to use those brands.Ā  Some questions I ask that you consider if using any brand of single or blended oils are:Ā  Are you using the essential oils effectively as singles and if DIY blending are you using proper blending methods? What ratios are you using to blend? Do you have information on the contraindications and cautions for each oil or blend you are using? Are you aware of the issues within the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry pertaining to essential oils specifically?
    • Do you recommend using essential oils around cats?
      • I will keep my answer short and sweet: no.
    • How do you know so much about essential oils for animals and about dogs in general?
      • I've been working with and caring for dogs for over 10 years in various capacities. My personal dogs have been my greatest teachers and they are what led me to become a certified Animal Aromatherapist, a certified Canine Massage & Bodywork Therapist, and a Canine Nutrition Consultant. For more information on my background, you can visit: holisticpetwellness.co/about
      • How does the donation work when I purchase any apparel? Do I get a tax-deduction?
        • I set aside your 15% net proceeds donation and donate every month to the Canine Cancer Research Fund at the American Holistic Veterinary Foundation.Ā Your purchase has the ability toĀ give anywhere from $4-$100 depending on how much apparel you purchase! Because goods were exchanged there cannot be a tax-deduction given to you.
      • Why aren't 15% of net proceedsĀ for essential oils and crystal purchases donated?
        • I'm working on this! Ideally, my entire store will give back something to charity :)
      • Why is all the apparel printed on demand?
        • For a few reasons! First, we have a major issue with waste when it comes to apparel. This ensures that there is no waste as I don't keep inventory on hand that goes to waste because a design doesn't sell. Second, I am able to price items to be able to give more of a percentage of net proceeds back to charity.
      • Where is the apparel sourced from?
        • Some apparel is imported to America and produced here, some of the apparel is from American companies. Import location depends on the apparel company. These apparel companies all hold various certificates, environmental policies, and membershipsĀ likeĀ with theĀ Fair Labor Association. Sourcing and compliant importing is important to me and I use American made as much as I can :)
      • I don't see my question listed - how do I get in touch with you and ask it?
        • Please send any and all questions straight to hello@holisticpetwellness.co :)